Monday, 15 August 2011

Playtime in the my fantasy garden...have alittle peek...

YSL new AW makeup collection 'Midnight Garden' is one the most eye catching of the season,its hypnotic colours of bright orange,aqua,teal alongside indigo,violets and aubergine are just what the collection is inspired from rich,deeply coloured tropical flowers a fantasy winter garden were every makeup girl will want to play.With the right application these colours are so flattering and wearable so my advise to all ye snazzy ladies is to embrace this little fantasy garden and have fun with this luxury line :-) 

love for your pout...a necessity not just the ultimate accessory in the timeless gold case which speaks YSL elegance this lipstick is creamy and nourishing which allows your lips to feel soft and nourished given them the right amount of TLC needed.The secret in these little gems is the transparent crystals and colored pearls that give the lips a sophisticated look while drenched in gorgeous colour that irresistible.

                            silky sensual fruity smelling lippy...bliss

5 stars for YSL ombres 5 lumieres.All shades harmoniously blend to create the most dramatic dazzling or soft and subtle eye catching looks.This palette has4 captivating shadows and a highlighting one from shimmer to sheen matallic to matte it will give you any look which you desire.These beautiful  shadows are breathtaking.we heart you YSL !!!


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I heart my job...

Even after working in the makeup industry for years,i still get super excited from the mo i get asked to do makeup for a photo shoot no matter how big are small the new project is.I no exactly how to plan the event but yet for the first 5 min after ive been asked to join a team for a shoot my head goes 100 miles per hour researching for ideas both for makeup and styling and contemplating the final result.The feelings from those first 5 min of that butterfly feeling of excitement is a huge thing to me it genuinely lets me no im doing something i really love.So im sitting here worrying and wondering bout my up coming shoot will i do a great job cos a good job wont do it has to be pressure of course from anyone but myself lol but ive learnt that my nerves are the best emotions any makeup artist can have cos it proves how much we care,we get nervous because we care so much about our craft,clients and our careers.So i guess i feel confident that my excitement,nerves and  belly full of butterflies before any days work is a good indication that im doing what i love.check out a view of my past shoots below :-)

Thursday, 21 July 2011


With summer being one of the most fashionable seasons around, it's no surprise that we are tempted to change our hair and with me a lil' more frequently than the average girl. From short fades to long hair extensions the options are endless. So I like 2 go ahead take the risk if ive been thinking bout a colour,style or cut and today was a new adventure with my hair !We all no styling and maintaining our own hair can sometimes be a challenge,thank god for our best friends our beloved hairdressers...were would be without a top salon and some creative girls which have the talent and patience to change us on the outside and make us feel amazing in the inside.So ladies embrace your hair and its texture,find the right product and the right style but most important the right salon to do all thats needed !!! So take a look below were my love of salons is Urban Hair Design 5 star treatment with the best standard of hairdressing suited for everyone needs with friendly staff that give you heaps of T.L.C,an ear to natter to and of course let you rock a fab style all at affordable prices ...thanks for my fab rich shinny luscious locks ladies much love xxxx 

The Mill, Carrigaline, Cork . Phone 0214377117 

Monday, 18 July 2011


Ok ladies...drum roll please LOL this has to be the most brilliant not to mention delicious idea....
CUPCAKE MONDAYS...SWEET ENOUGH TO BEAT THE BLUES! Ive officially declared the ever soul destroying Mondays be the perfect time to catch up with friends after a long weekend while indulging (guilt free) in yummy cupcakes gossiping a bout the weekends laughters and tears to overcome the Monday blues."every girl deserves a sweet treat at the end of the of along hectic weekend!" from chocolate, vanilla, sprinkled or not...whatever we love cupcakes!!!

this is were i love to indugle in fresh baked yummy homemade cupcakes.
Perfect for ever occassion!!for more details on her wonderfull range
contact Siobhan 0861901566 or

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ooh la la...rocking haaaawt lips!!!

MWAH....shimmering...glitt​ering lips.. : YLS gloss is a must have in every girls purse at the start for the wkend...your pout will sparkle,shimmer and glitter this ladies is alittle piece of magic that no snazzy girl on the town should be without :-D J'adore

The lips are without a doubt, the most sensual part of the female face.


How to correct thin lips
Line the contour of the lip with a pencil in a similar shade to that of the natural lip. Try to draw the line outside of the natural edge. Fill the entire lip with the same liner to avoid leaving an outline.Then apply lipstick with the help of a synthetic bristle brush, or, if you prefer, a clear gloss. 

How to correct very full lips

After applying lip balm and removing excess, blend a small amount of foundation onto the contour of the lips. Next, set this with translucent powder. Line inside the true lips to disguise their size. Finally, fill in the lips and apply lipstick or lip gloss.

 What shades to use to make teeth appear whiter

If your teeth aren't very white, avoid shades with orange-ish or yellow-ish pigmentation. Opt for natural colors that are in the berry or pink families. That way you will be able to diminish the yellowish color.

Wine or burgundy tones will make your teeth appear whiter. Try it out with wineliner, by MAC Cosmetics


Saturday, 16 July 2011

let me brighten up your days....

 The Yves Saint Laurent Bohème Libertine Spring 2011 Collection is like a breath of fresh air… vibrant & pretty!The star product of the collection is the highlighting powder called Pink Celebration...I confess to having a weakness for highlight powders…and YSL are known producing some of the best that’s out there and this is just a pink little treat. As well as new glosses, eye shadow solo’s and a new mascara in dark plum!Candly colours and super smooth textures...what more could you ask for in a fun blissfull totaly rocks!!!